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You are exactly right with us!

Do you like (micro)CHIPS?

Our heart beats for microchips. With our wet process equipment, we make an important contribution to the creation of these smallest components. Small but wow, just like that: with a size of just 0.001 nanometers (one nanometer equals 0.000000001 meters), these tiny components form the basis of modern technology. Computers, smartphones, e-vehicles, consumer electronics, global networking - none of this would exist without microchips.

Dynamic, high-tech, challenging, international, innovative - our industry is all of these things.

Team-oriented, open, progressive, imaginative, leading, communicative - that's us. An owner-managed, medium-sized company with headquarters in Donaueschingen and with strong ties to the region, we are at home in the global semiconductor market.

Industry-leading manufacturers worldwide use AP&S equipment in their semiconductor factories. That makes us proud.

We are benefiting from the current boom in the industry. We grow and expand - sounds exciting and future-proof? It is.

Come and join our team. Find your dream job here in our JOBS section. We look forward to hearing about your strengths and talents, your personalities with individual edges and quirks. 


The little things add up to make the workday worthwhile

Feel good all around

"Light-flooded, modern rooms," says Katja.

"Ergonomic workplaces, whether in the production or in the offices," appreciates Alex.

"Fruit at your free disposal - delicious and healthy," Aljona likes that.

"We simply have a pleasant working atmosphere in production: super clean, quiet (as there are no loud production machines), super modern and bright - it's fun here" says Philipp.

"Starting every morning with a coffee from the new coffee machine. Even a cappuccino, latte macchiato and sparkling water anyway - all free of charge for all colleagues", Tobias likes that.

"After work I go to the fitness center, thanks to AP&S's contribution to the membership fee," Laura thinks that's great.

"The good social benefits speak for themselves here," says Andrea.

"AP&S supports e-biking to work," Christian enthuses.

"Celebrations - we can do that together: Summer party, employee party, Christmas party - there's always a good reason," Jan thinks it's just cool.

"Subsidy for kindergarten fees and vacation bonus for school-age children," Karin thinks it's great.

"We're a cool team, on fridays after work we like to sit together outside and chill," Thomas says authentically.

"Working in home office is completely ok; flexible working time models anyway," says Sinja.

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