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Eless plating, wet process development for SiC and other innovations - that' s what you can expect at the AP&S booth at Semicon Europa 2021

It's been a while, and all the greater is our anticipation of Semicon Europa in Munich. From 16 to 19 November 2021 the leading European trade fair for the semiconductor industry will take place as onsite event and we will be there!

"After such a long, Corona-caused break, now to attend the trade fair again, to meet customers and partners face-to-face, to experience impulsive conferences and to enter into dialog with industry experts, is something we are very much looking forward to”, says Tobias Drixler, COO at AP&S. "Especially in the semiconductor industry, where dynamics and constant progress are the measure of all things, exchange is essential. Contributing to constant progress - that is also our maxim. So, this year we are bringing innovations to Semicon Europa that optimally support our customers in meeting their challenges in the fabs", says Tobias Bausch, AP&S CMO & CTO.

These are our wet process highlights this year:


Vulcanio is our answer to the increasing importance of flip-chip bonding and further miniaturization of devices. This wet bench is a fully automated, high-throughput eless UBM metallization tool for wafers up to 300mm and offers best TCoO performance.  The batch tool was specially developed for under-bump metallization with electroless deposition technology on Al- and Cu-based substrates for metallization with nickel, palladium and gold. Vulcanio processes different wafer thicknesses incl. thin wafers and TAIKO. This wet bench convinces with exceptional deposition uniformity, highest process stability as well as bath longevity: e.g. Ni-bath with a bath life of 1-1.5 weeks. Furthermore, a reduction of of Au metal thicknesses from > 0.5 µm to 0.05 µm is possible without sacrificing performance.


CleanSurF® is the new cleaner for FOUPs, SMIFs, carriers and boxes. The cleaning tool ensures maximum cleanliness in accordance with highest purity standards to secure the process chains in the semiconductor manufacturing. Its concept is optimized for both manual and automatic loading. CleanSurF® can also be connected to a FOUP stocker for cleaning during storage of the containers. An innovative nozzle concept and a new carousel design contribute decisively to the efficient particle and AMC removal as well as to shorter process times. The tool has a compact footprint of approximately 3 square meters and a high loading capacity of up to 12 x 12 inch FOUPs per run. A second process chamber door provides a practical gate function for a gray room-clean room separation.

Process development for innovative materials SiC and GaN

Innovative materials like SiC and GaN are becoming increasingly important in chip production, especially with regard to electric cars. AP&S is responding to this trend by offering wet process development for innovative substrates in the in-house laboratory “Demo Center” at the company's headquarters. This allows customers to completely outsource development projects for new or critical materials and chemicals. AP&S's comprehensive research and development support takes all of the up-front work of introducing a new process off the customer's hands. Based on the results of the Demo Center, the customer builds on the process that has been proven to be the most efficient.

Curios to find out more? We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth at the Silicon Saxony area B1221. For an appointment request, please contact our sales team: sales@ap-s.de