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TOP 100 success: Ranga Yogeshwar honors AP&S

As reported at the beginning of 2021, we were again honored with the Top 100 award this year. At a joint online conference on November 26, science journalist and TOP 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honored the achievements of this year's award winners and congratulated us on our success.

The reason for the digital meeting was the TOP 100 finals, which were originally planned as a presence event. This year, a total of 300 medium-sized companies received the TOP 100 award. In the scientific selection process, AP&S especially impressed in the category "innovation climate".

"At AP&S, we promote creative exchange among colleagues. Cross-departmental projects and coordination, as well as regular training sessions for employees broaden our horizons and give rise to new ideas. We are open to innovative approaches and encourage our employees to play an active role in shaping AP&S, our everyday business and our products. We are delighted that this approach has been recognized in the form of a Top 100 award," says Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S.

Various key figures show that innovations have a positive impact on corporate success: for example, the sales growth of the top innovators is 25.7 percentage above the industry average. They generated 36.3 percent of their sales with market innovations or innovative improvements. Due to newly developed innovative processes, the SMEs achieved savings of 8.4 percent of total costs. They were also granted 1,171 national and 2,819 international patents between 2018 and 2020. By the way, two-thirds of the TOP 100 companies are family-owned, just like us at AP&S.

Find out more in the video here:

0:00-3:19 Introduction and congratulations by Linda Zervakis, Ranga Yogeshwar, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and Martin Noe

3:20-4:04 Statement by Alexandra Laufer-Mueller, CEO at AP&S