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AP&S invites you to the industrial trade show on July 3, 2022

How is a microchip produced and how clean is a clean room? These and other exciting insights will be provided during a visit to AP&S International GmbH on July 3 at the industrial trade show in Donaueschingen-Aasen. There will be plenty on offered to both young and adults.

AP&S is a leading specialist in the development and construction of special wet process machines that are used worldwide for the production of microchips. This is an exciting, innovative industry that you would not immediately expect to find on the doorstep of Aasen in the Black Forest. During the trade show, visitors can take part in guided tours of the AP&S headquarters and learn more about these topics at various information stations: What does AP&S have to do with a smartphone or electric car? Why has AP&S already been awarded 5 innovation prizes? What makes AP&S a great employer and what jobs are currently available? 

AP&S places great emphasis on the topic of training and will do so on July 3. The company's training program will be presented in detail. AP&S trainees and training supervisors will be on hand to answer questions and share their experiences. The personnel department will give tips on what really matters when applying for a job. Those with a passion for handicrafts will be able to get hands-on and make their own cell phone holder: welding, bending and more are on the agenda.  

As an exception, visitors can also walk into the AP&S cleanroom production facility. Systems from small to large, semi-automated to fully automated, special machine construction in a cleanroom environment can be discovered and marveled at here.  

Those who like virtual worlds will also get a chance to enjoy the experience at AP&S. The sister company tepcon GmbH, an expert in digitalization, invites visitors to dive into virtual reality. They can find out what training and education will look like in the future. What a beach and a crocodile have to do with it, all curious people will find out after putting on the VR glasses in their VR adventure. The company tepcon looks back on 20 years of history. "20 years ahead of the future" is the motto under which visitors can experience this digital journey. 

A colorful children's program with a bouncy castle, children's carousel, cotton candy machine, balloon animals and Bobby-Car racing fleet will make the trade show visit entertaining for the little guests as well. Food and drink will also be provided. The AP&S employee band "Cleanroom music" will create a good musical atmosphere on the day of the trade show. 

We are looking forward to your visit. See you soon at AP&S International GmbH, Obere Wiesen 9, 78166 Donaueschingen-Aasen on July 3, 2022!