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Wet process highlights at Semicon Europa 2022

The enormous demand for microchips worldwide is driving the expansion of new semiconductor manufacturing facilities and the modernization of existing fabs. This is countered by the challenges of supply bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled workers. How to meet these challenges? At this year's leading industry trade show, Semicon Europa in Munich from November 15 to 18, we will be presenting our solutions for addressing these issues.

1. Maximum automation and maximum yield are the principles of any semiconductor production. The new, fully automated AP&S high-throughput platform aims to fulfill precisely these. More functions in a more compact space and maximum automation were the focus of the product development. The new batch platform offers storage for 12 process boats as well as a connection to a stocker with up to 56 buffer slots for carriers. Up to 100 8" wafers can be processed at once. Connections for chemical supply as well as all drain connections and cooling tanks are directly integrated in the system footprint. The process flow, wafer drying and loading have been further developed and optimized based on our many years of experience with the predecessor product, the A-Series batch system.

2. In the area of e-less process (electroless wet chemical processing), we also have decisive innovations to show. The role of electroless plating in semiconductor manufacturing is steadily increasing. This process not only produces more stable compounds (such as covered flanks in electroless plating compared to open Cu flanks in electro chemical deposition (ECD)), but also has the advantage that here maskless processing takes place without lithography and thus fewer process steps are required overall. In addition, processing is carried out in batches. This means lower costs per wafer with optimum uniformity. Equipped with a robotic handling system, our e-less system Vulcanio processes wafers up to 300mm fully automatically, covering Nickel (Ni), Palladium (Pd) and Gold (Au) metallization (other metals under evaluation). Deposition on both wafer sides in one step is possible. The Vulcanio system performance has been proven in the semiconductor production fabs of our customers worldwide.

3. At the beginning of this year, we launched the AP&S Academy. Our ambition is to support semiconductor manufacturers in the continuous training of their personnel in wet process technology. Shortage of skilled workers, fluctuation, rapid technology development - all these have a direct impact on productivity in semiconductor manufacturing. Fast and comprehensive onboarding of new employees is critical to success. And so is the further development of the existing team. The AP&S Academy offers various forms of training modules precisely for this purpose. Initial training courses for commissioning and system operation, refresher courses or in-depth courses - the training content is adapted to individual customer needs and starts where the know-how expansion of your personnel is needed.

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth C 1712! For an appointment please contact our sales team sales@ap-s.de