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How do we deal with inflation as an employer?

In August 2022, the inflation rate in Germany was 7.9%, the highest it has been for decades. Consumers are particularly concerned about the significant rise in prices for energy and food. However, prices for travel and leisure activities have also risen sharply in recent months. This development is causing considerable concern among employees. How is AP&S responding as an employer to support employees during this time?

"We have been observing the situation critically for quite some time, more precisely from the time when VAT was increased again to 19%," says Cäcilia Wegner, Head of Human Resources at AP&S. "When the war in Ukraine broke out and energy prices in particular rose rapidly, we promised our employees a one-off payment of 800 Euros, which we paid out in July. Our aim was to offer our employees immediate support. In the latest relief package of the federal government from last week (week 37), the employers are now also asked to compensate for the increased prices with one-time payments. We are currently examining the possibility of doing this again in the second half of the year".