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Employee qualification for a continuous knowledge transfer

At AP&S, we attach great importance to the structured and continuous qualification of our staff. After all, this prepares the employees optimally for the company's and market's requirements. For this reason, for example, all new production employees are intensively coached by our training supervisor Detlev G. over a period of three months and are made fit for their work in semiconductor machine production.

In this context, the colleagues are trained in the various production processes and procedures in our company, with a special focus on the handling of polymer materials, as this is completely new territory for many newcomers. In this way, the entrants quickly familiarize themselves with our production, gain a good understanding of the requirements of the semiconductor industry and the cleanroom environment and, last but not least, feel valued and well received in the new company.

The new training center of the AP&S Academy at the company's headquarters in Donaueschingen is also used for the training of our employees. Wet chemical processes as well as the tool design including important technical details are clearly explained here on the installed wet process equipment. This opens the way for lateral employees, which is particularly important in view of the current shortage of skilled workers. The employees learn from each other and the transfer of knowledge and experience is ensured.