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AI in wet processes, advanced UBM and expanded Demo Center

AP&S this year’s highlights for the Semicon Europa trade fair can be themed under the following appropriate motto “We follow and cover future trends to set new standards in wet process technology”.

Behind it three thrilling highlights await you at our booth B1716 in hall B1. Don’t miss it, be on-site in Munich from 12 to 15th November and find out:


How the use of AI will revolutionize your manufacturing floor?

AI and AR are essential key technologies, which are on the way to change our working life and manufacturing processes completely. An interconnection between condition monitoring, machine learning features supported by intelligent sensors, augmented reality solutions and IoT portals for collecting, analyzing and structuring the data is the key to maximize machine uptimes, avoid machine failures, optimize recipe sequences, predictive maintenance and much more. Features which are already included or are in integration phase in our wet process tools. Learn more about it in our presentation at this year’s FabManager Forum, held by Christoph Kluge, Head of the AP&S Software Department: Tuesday, November 12 at 15:55, or of course in a face to face meeting at our booth.

Why AP&S Vulcanio is the right under bump metallization tool for you?

As semiconductor device geometries further shrink, more devices migrate from wire bonding to flip chip technologies to overcome the technical limitations of the bonding technologies such as electrical resistance or the geometrical dimensions. An under-bump metallization (UBM) is used as an alternative for the different options of device metallization such as Al-, Al-alloys and Cu to act as electrical contact, adhesion promoter and protection layer between this chip metallization and the following solder bump technology. However, the UBM deposition incl. pre- and post- treatment of the incoming wafers are critical to the interface stability and to reliability performance of the complete device. Since many years (since 2013) AP&S eless wet bench Vulcanio is used for under bump metallization in batch processes for mass-volume production. Our Vulcanio wet bench shows excellent reliability performance, which has been demonstrated from 40-90 degrees C. It provides superior over nickel and gold structures. Thanks to our superior control system, metal thickness from 0.05 µm to 5 µm is possible without sacrificing performance. Different wafer thicknesses incl. extra-thin wafers can be processed without any tool modifications. The long use in the market, the constant analysis and optimization in close co-operation with our customers, the scientifically proven good performance and the very positive customer feedback, is what distinguished this AP&S wet process solution.

How you profit from our extended, new Demo Center?

In 2018 large modification works in our in-house laboratory took place, so now our Demo Center offers clean room environment according to ISO5. New state-of-the-art 3D microscope for substrate inspection incl. measurement of structures, topography profile, etc. was purchased. Now single wafer and batch process demonstrations perform under production related conditions. Customers are welcome to visit the Demo Center to see our wet process tools in action. Remote access via video feed is available as well. The Demo Center creates a perfect “room” for knowledge exchange and joint research projects with our customers and partners. Appointments for the Demo Center can be discussed with our Process Engineers directly at our booth.

See you soon in Munich!

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