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Mask donation to the sports club SV Aasen

AP&S has been the official sponsor of the Aasen sports club for several years. The history of SV Aasens goes back to the year 1928. The club offers sports enthusiasts a wide range of activities: soccer, mother-child gymnastics, children's gymnastics, fitness groups for seniors - there is a something for everyone.

Due to its long history and regional solidarity, AP&S is strongly committed to this dedicated club. This also applies especially in difficult times. AP&S is therefore happy to support SV Aasen and provides masks for the active soccer teams. "We are all full of hope that things will soon get going for the sports clubs here in the region and that we will be able to train and play again," says Stefan Schnekenburger, chairman of the play committee when picking up the masks. We at AP&S are also wishing  that the Covid-19 situation will soon ease and will allow local sports clubs to practice and play in the community again. AP&S masks now contribute to the compliance with the hygiene regulations.