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Don’t miss the AP&S presentation at the Technology Unites Global Summit at Thursday, February 18th 2021 at 15:00

The title of the AP&S presentation itself makes it clear, that this is where things get exciting, namely: Journey and Development history on SiC from 2015-2020 - „From Single-Wafer Metal-Lift-off to Metal etch to Metall-Etch via Batch process”


Our speaker Stefan Zürcher, Team Leader Process Engineering & Laboratory at AP&S looks forward to your attendance.

With this presentation we take you on an exciting journey around the topic of SiC. Using concrete practical examples, we will show you how wet process technology goes hand-in-hand with the customer –  in this concrete case one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. How wet process technology reacts flexibly to changes in customer production, responds to new challenges and develops concrete customer-specific solutions. Starting with a metal-layer process, over the optimized process metal-lift-off with DMSO as single wafer processing, metal-etching processes with end-point detection (also single wafer) up to the etch process of the innovative substrate SiC in the batch application. Both the changes in the semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as process modification and throughput increase, and the solutions derived from them in wet chemical processing will be presented. This is a success story resulting from close cooperation between a semiconductor manufacturer and us as an expert in wet processing equipment with the support of our famous DEMO & R&D center. Clear breakdowns of the various process data, parameters and conditions provide you with a detailed overview of the development from 2015 to 2020. Join us and experience the fascinating world of wet process technology! Visit the event website here: SMART Mobility Forum (technologyunites.org)