Supporting equipment for semiconductor fabs

Chemical wet process auxiliary tools

Supporting equipment

To ensure efficient wet processes in our customers’ semiconductor fabs is our primary goal. Therefore, supporting equipment like foup and box cleaner, drying tools for wafers, laboratory equipment and chemical management solutions belong to our product range too.  In this way, our customers receive everything they need from one single source and have a competent partner for all relevant concerns about wet chemical processes by their side.

Equipment for chemical management handling, cleaning of boxes, carrier, SMIF-Pods, Foup's, Quartz tubes and boats

Everything for smooth chemical wet processes














Cleaner for FOUPs, SMIFs, carriers and boxes


NEW AP&S cleaner for efficient particle and AMC (airborne molecular contamination) removal on the surfaces of all common types of carriers, boxes, SMIF-Pod’s and FOUP’s
Main Benefits
  • High loading capacity of up to 12 x 12 inch FOUPs per run at optimized recipe time
  • Attractive TCO through very compact footprint of 3 m² and low consumption of water and nitrogen
  • Optimum cleaning results achieved by a new, innovative nozzle concept. More than 50 nozzles (DIW as well as N2 nozzles) are installed in the tool.

Cleaning and Drying

Important technical features
  • The CleanSurF® concept is optimized for both manual and automatic loading
  • Smart equipment fixtures offers maximum flexibility with regard to the wafer carriers to be cleaned
  • New locking devices with additional safety functions
  • Autarkic process chamber with a large loading window for comfortable loading and unloading
  • The new nozzle concept enables flexible, 360-degree, separately controllable handling of the nozzles for highest cleanliness and short process times
  • Latest software technology including HMI for maximum procesess reliability
  • User-friendly monitoring ensures convenient and simple system handling, including a wide range of technical and schematic features
  • Integrated RFID scanning system
  • A second process chamber door allows a gate function between the cleanroom and the grayroom
  • The clear design ensures simple installation and maintenance. Access to the service area is on the backside of the tool and can be on gray room side 

More information, videos and pictures from the cleaner CleanSurF® can be found here on the CleanSurF-Impressions page.

Cleaning machine for different wafer transportation boxes


Efficient cleaning tool for all common types of carrier, boxes, SMIF-Pod’s and FOUP’s
Main Benefits
  • The CleanStep Carrier Box combines multiple work steps in one tool
  • Up to 3 runs per hour*
  • Setting up between cleanroom and greyroom is possible, as the tool is accessible from two sides (back and front)

Cleaning and Drying

Important technical features
  • Smart fixture system for easy and fast exchange of different box and carrier types
  • Easy handling incl. load and unload
  • Process control via latest software technology, SECS/GEM
  • Suitable to in-house tracking system
  • Optimized footprint: CB II 1560 x 1900 x 2510mm; CB III 1865 x 1685 x 2610mm
  • Cleanstep II loading capacity: 8 carriers, 8 boxes or 24 carriers without boxes
  • Cleanstep III loading capacity: FOUP’s up to 8 complete sets, for SMIF-Pod’s up to 8 complete sets with carrier

*depends on cassette/ carrier/ SMIF/ FOUP type

Cleaning and etching tool for PECVD AND DIFFUSION BOATS


The SprayCleaner is designed for etching and cleaning of PECVD and diffusion boats such as graphite boats, quartz parts, silicon carbide boats
Main Benefits
  • This tool processes with an innovative spray cleaning technique, that achieves optimized process time, while requiring less chemical consumption compared to an immersion process
Wet chemical processes

Etching and Cleaning

Important technical features
  • Optimization of CoO due to very small footprint and reduced DI water consumption, that is 2 times lower compared to an immersion process
  • Minimized cleaning costs per boat by low chemical consumption, which is in fact 10 times lower compared to an immersion process
  • Highest safety for the operator as the tool processes by closed chamber only, loading and unloading happens solely after complete rinse of process chamber. Furthermore, a fail-safe door locking system is installed
  • Highest process safety due to overfilling protection function and exhaust monitoring
  • High and fast availability and low maintenance requirements achieved by the modular design and long life components

Cleaning machine for quartz tubes and liners

CleanStep Tube

The Vertical and Horizontal Tube Cleaner are specially designed for the cleaning of quartz tubes, liners and boats of different sizes
Main Benefits
  • Optimized footprint
  • Fully automated cleaning process
  • Flexible modular construction
  • Advanced graphical user interface
  • Extremely maintenance friendly

Quartz tubes of different sizes

Chemical wet processes
  • HF/HNO3 cleaning
  • dHF for final cleaning (optional)
  • DIW for rinsing
  • Hot-DIW for final rinsing and better drying performance (optional)
Important technical features
  • Programmable tube and liner rotation for efficient cleaning
  • Special inserts for quartz boats
  • Tanks for cleaning media placed beneath the cleaning basin – bulk fill and recirculation
  • Drain separation system
  • Acid saving spray process compared with immersion spray
  • Reliable and comfortable process control including a recipe editor
  • Up to 40 recipes with up to 50 steps each
  • Integrated DI and N2 guns

System for chemical handling: distribution, mixing and disposing of chemicals

Chemical Management System

The Chemical Management System handles acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor-, MEMS- and micro-structuring industries as well as in the R&D sector
Main benefits

The AP&S chemical management system is available for the following applications:

  • Chemical Distribution System (CDS)
  • Chemical Mixing System (CMS)
  • Chemical Disposing System

Tool demonstration in the AP&S Demo Center is available

Important technical features 
  • Highest safety standard
  • Upgradeable system
  • Small footprint
  • Cross-linking with common commercial systems


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