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Living innovation

Living innovation is our motto. AP&S has already received several innovation awards: including Top 100 Award 2018, 2019 and 2021 as well as Infineon's Supplier Award Best Innovation 2018. The Top 100 Award honors particularly innovative medium-sized companies in Germany that demonstrate their innovative strength in a scientific process.

"Far-sighted, customer-oriented, innovative - that's AP&S and our wet process solutions, and that's what we have to be. After all, microelectronics, microsystems and nanotechnology - all areas in which our wet process machines are used - are considered to be the strongest innovation drivers of all. The rapid progress exemplified by our customers here is setting standards for economically important cutting-edge technologies such as automation, sensors, the automotive industry, biomedical technology, telecommunications and others worldwide. We are part of this innovation chain and committed to continuous progress", Tobias Drixler COO.


I live and work by the motto „If you stop getting better, you‘ve stopped being good.“ As a Product Engineer, I am the link between customer requirements and the development department. Plenty of room for new developments - I really appreciate that at AP&S. For example, we have already achieved particularly innovative pump controls and optimizations of energy efficiency as well as chemical consumption in our AP&S tools.

Christian Tietze, Product Engineer

For me, the design and execution of projects at AP&S is particularly innovative. Because these are consistently and holistically accompanied by project teams from the beginning to the end. This means that we - the design engineers from the specialist departments - are also involved in all phases of the project. The exchange between the individual departments in the project team is always full of ideas and goal-oriented.

Katharina Mäder, Mechanical Design

Our goal in organizational development is to promote innovation throughout the company. We develop holistic solutions for complex tasks. The sustainable further development of processes plays a major role here. In this way, we keep pace with market dynamics with confidence.

Cornelia Rothmund, Organizational Development

In our department, we try to constantly improve the processes internally in the team in order to work in a time-optimized manner. In doing so, we document all processes and any changes. We create transparency by integrating important documents and information. Open points are mapped in our order management programs such as SAP, so that everyone is up to date in case of queries. With permanent material master maintenance, we ensure that subsequent processes are improved, e.g. for on-time deliveries to the customer.

Stefanie Peine, Materials Management

I am the product manager responsible for the AP&S Electroless Plating solutions. I must admit that these always inspire me anew. New ideas, continuous optimization of tools and process control - that‘s what we pursue in the development of wet process equipment and that‘s what drives me at AP&S. Our Vulcanio tool not only convinces with an excellent process result, but at the same time offers a high throughput and outstanding bath longevity.

Oliver Josuweit, Product Engineer

In the course of the digitalization of the bank statement and supplier invoices, I am more flexible to be able to do my job as a financial accountant in the office or in the home office. Also in today‘s time, the Covid-19 pandemic, it is easier for me to reconcile work and family and still do my job qualitatively justice - for this I am very grateful to my company.

Ivonne Indlekofer, Financial Accountant

In my opinion, control cabinet construction at AP&S is done innovatively  - because steady control cabinet optimization is an essential point for us in the construction of specialized wet process machinery. High automation of the machines also means high demands on the electrical design and assembly. But the greater the challenge of a new project, the greater the ambition of our team to achieve it together. I think the teamwork here at AP&S is absolutely great - I've never experienced it like this before in any other company.

Volker Schade, Electrical Assembly

If I reconcile innovation with change, then my working day is innovative every day. No two days are the same, and what I try to do every day is to engage anew with external visitors, customers, suppliers, and craftsmen, and to meet everyone in a friendly and open manner. In addition, things often change - especially now in times of Corona: Introduction of visitor terminals, access to administration/manufacturing only with registration on the tablet, extensive processing and research for business trips under Corona conditions. So a lot of new things, a lot of dynamics, but also a lot of fun.

Gerlinde Wehrle, Reception

I experience innovation in production every day: In addition to continuous improvements, such as a new lid concept, pump-friendly control, and the implementation of new detailed functions in the software and control system, we are constantly challenged by new customer specifications. 
Getting the best out of every product - that is what we pursue.

Markus Enzmann, Start-up-Engineer

An innovation describes the change of something to a better version or new solution. Ideas that lead to innovations are the driving force in machine engineering. These are ideas that inspire our entire workforce day by day. To realize something out of one’s imagination, which in the end is crowned by such a great award, is simply amazing. Many thanks to the entire AP&S team for their commitment that made this award possible.

Tobias Bausch, CMO & CTO

The semiconductor industry in which we operate is one of the most dynamic and advanced in the world, continuous development is a basic condition for success here: that is why we invest more than 10% of the company's annual turnover in research and development, are members of renowned associations and institutions and operate partnerships with leading research institutes. The result: innovative wet process solutions for our customers that meet both current and future requirements.

Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO



The semiconductor industry is the cornerstone of modern technology. By providing our customers innovative wet process equipment, we are actively involved in the shaping of today’s and tomorrow’s technology. 

To meet the extremely high requirements on the product and process purity in the semiconductor industry, in 2017 AP&S invested in the installation of a ultra-high purity water system. Significant advantages for our customers are the results: no long-term rinsing and cleaning processes in the semiconductor fabs anymore, faster tool qualifications as well as faster achievement of defect density requirements for the production output. Read more here.

We participate in the Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics (IPCEI = a project promoted by the Federal Government, which aims to strengthen the microelectronic industry in Europe and Germany in the global competition). Read more here.

In regard to the digital transformation we are well positioned too. Through taking a shareholding in the software company tepcon GmbH, we have expanded our expertise in software, connectivity and IoT, which are playing an increasingly significant role in mechanical engineering, machine maintenance and control. 

More space for innovation: In 2018 AP&S invested 3.5 million euros in the construction of a new cleanroom and an additional production hall at the headquarters in Germany. With the focus on customer benefit this developmet offers:

  1. Extended production capacity and shorter delivery times

  2. More space for technical pioneer projects

  3. Production of wet process tools under cleanroom conditions with the result of faster tool qualification on-site

Demo Center


Comprehensive support for
a trustful cooperation

„We at AP&S see it as our mission, to support customers efficiently during their decision making and buying process, to ensure they receive the perfect wet process solution, that meets their specific requirements. Therefore, we offer them wet process development and modification support for standard as well as innovative semiconductor materials like SiC, GaN-on-Si/SiC, InP and a variety of tool demonstrations in our Demo Center. Single wafer as well as batch wet processes are availabe here.“

Stefan Zürcher, Process Engineer 



Smart Manufacturing

"AP&S IoT solutions are used for machine monitoring, machine control, maintenance, service assignments, spare parts deliveries and deployment. In 2018 we received the Supplier Award "Best Innovation" from our key account Infineon. In the selection process, the decision makers were particularly impressed by our developments in the field of Industry 4.0. Among these the AP&S augmented reality program for predictive maintenance and factory planning, that offers customers optimized production planning, solution-oriented design process, time and cost savings and scheduled replacement of spare parts.“

Christoph Kluge, Director Software Development

Convenient Control and Data Access

Our software solutions developed by our 30-member AP&S software team are used for machine monitoring, machine control, maintenance, service calls and spare parts deliveries, but also in the sales and development process. Hereby, the benefit for the machine operator or customer is always the focus.


The AP&S Web Worker App is a smart service tool, which makes your wet processes even more efficient. All AP&S wet process tools and spare parts are labeled with QR codes. The scan of these codes guide to a detailed product information archive including data sheets, user manuals, electric diagrams and flowcharts. This data is safely stored in an AP&S IoT portal. The information is accessible for the authorized staff with any mobile device, at any time and from all over the world. This convenient and time-saving data access makes any service call as well as the operation and solving of any equipment-specific questions for the machine operators in the semiconductor production fabs simple and efficient.

Another important feature of this app is the integrated online booking form, which enables you to order any required spare part with only one click. 



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