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„The semiconductor market, in which we operate, is one of the most dynamic and progressive in the world. The continuous development is a basic prerequisite for the success in this field. That is why we invest more than 10% of our annual turnover in research and development, are member of renowned associations and institutions and partner with leading research institutes. The results are innovative wet process solutions meeting our customer current and future needs.”

Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO



TOP 100 INNOVATOR & Infineon's Supplier Award Best Innovation


AP&S International GmbH belongs to the TOP 100 innovation leaders of German SMEs. This is the result of the analysis, carried out by the scientific director of the TOP 100 competition (2018 and 2019), Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his top-class jury. TOP 100 has been on the market for 26 years and is the only competition for innovation management in Germany. In the independent selection process, AP&S was particularly successful in the categories "Innovation Success“ and "Innovative Processes and Organization“ in 2018 and in the category "Innovation-Promoting Top Management" in 2019. Thus AP&S positions itself as one of the most innovative company in the market. 

Furthermore, we were awarded with the Infineon’s Supplier Award Best Innovation 2018.




„The semiconductor industry is the cornerstone of modern technology, without which we cannot imagine our lives anymore. By providing our customers innovative wet process equipment, we are actively involved in the shaping of today’s and tomorrow’s technology.“

Tobias Bausch, Director Sales & Marketing 

To meet the extremely high requirements on the product and process purity in the semiconductor industry, in 2017 AP&S invested in the installation of a ultra-high purity water system. Significant advantages for our customers are the results: no long-term rinsing and cleaning processes in the semiconductor fabs anymore, faster tool qualifications as well as faster achievement of defect density requirements for the production output. Read more here.

We participate in the Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics (IPCEI = a project promoted by the Federal Government, which aims to strengthen the microelectronic industry in Europe and Germany in the global competition). Read more here.

In regard to the digital transformation we are well positioned too. Through taking a shareholding in the software company tepcon GmbH, we have expanded our expertise in software, connectivity and IoT, which are playing an increasingly significant role in mechanical engineering, machine maintenance and control. 

More space for innovation: In 2018 AP&S invested 3.5 million euros in the construction of a new cleanroom and an additional production hall at the headquarters in Germany. With the focus on customer benefit this developmet offers:

  1. Extended production capacity and shorter delivery times

  2. More space for technical pioneer projects

  3. Production of wet process tools under cleanroom conditions with the result of faster tool qualification on-site

Demo Center


Comprehensive support for
a trustful cooperation

„We at AP&S see it as our mission, to support customers efficiently during their decision making and buying process, to ensure they receive the perfect wet process solution, that meets their specific requirements. Therefore, we offer them a variety of tool demonstrations
in our Demo Center.“

Stefan Zürcher, Process Engineer 



Smart Manufacturing

"AP&S IoT solutions are used for machine monitoring, machine control, maintenance, service assignments, spare parts deliveries and deployment. In 2018 we received the Supplier Award "Best Innovation" from our key account Infineon. In the selection process, the decision makers were particularly impressed by our developments in the field of Industry 4.0. Among these the AP&S augmented reality program for predictive maintenance and factory planning, that offers customers optimized production planning, solution-oriented design process, time and cost savings and scheduled replacement of spare parts.“

Christoph Kluge, Director Software Development

Convenient Control and Data Access

Our software solutions developed by our 30-member AP&S software team are used for machine monitoring, machine control, maintenance, service calls and spare parts deliveries, but also in the sales and development process. Hereby, the benefit for the machine operator or customer is always the focus.


The AP&S Web Worker App is a smart service tool, which makes your wet processes even more efficient. All AP&S wet process tools and spare parts are labeled with QR codes. The scan of these codes guide to a detailed product information archive including data sheets, user manuals, electric diagrams and flowcharts. This data is safely stored in an AP&S IoT portal. The information is accessible for the authorized staff with any mobile device, at any time and from all over the world. This convenient and time-saving data access makes any service call as well as the operation and solving of any equipment-specific questions for the machine operators in the semiconductor production fabs simple and efficient.

Another important feature of this app is the integrated online booking form, which enables you to order any required spare part with only one click. 



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