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Chemical wet processes


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7 facts about the AP&S Demo Center you should know.

Wet process development

Demo Center

Are you looking for a wet process solution that perfectly meets your specific requirements? An investment in a wet process tool is an important decision in which many decisive aspects and complex interrelationships have to be taken into account. AP&S supports you efficiently in the decision making process:

Our process engineers support you in process development and modification for standard as well as innovative semiconductor materials like SiC, GaN-on-Si/SiC, InP.  In the AP&S wet process lab you get a concrete comparison of process performance and parameters on different wet process equipment as well as analysis and recommendation for drying processes for deep structures, MEMS, TSVs. Here you will get all necessary information for a well-founded investment in your next wet process tool.

AP&S Demo Center in figures: 

66 square meters clean room environment according to ISO5; 6 process engineers; more than 25 different chemical wet processes. 

Demo Center

Process experience

In the AP&S Demo Center you can see the wet process applications, which are of interest for you, in live-operation. Our high-qualified process engineering team will explain you all details of the wet process tool and will answer your questions. You will receive a comprehensive test report containing complete parameters of the process set-up, a recommendation for process recipe due to test results and further important system configuration details.

Demo Center

Quality Check

The AP&S Demo Center has state-of-the-art testing and analysis equipment such as liquid particle counter SLS1100 and air particle counter LASAIR III 110. In addition, we run joint research and development projects with innovation-driving research institutes worldwide.

Demo Center

Time and cost savings

Until the start of the production we offer you an in-house process evaluation including a definition of process parameters, a calculation of the throughput as well as the chemical consumption.

Demo Center

High process efficiency and optimal outcome

Your main benefits from the cooperation with AP&S Demo Center:

1. Outsourcing of development projects for new or critical materials and chemicals

2. Extensive development support: preliminary works before introducing a new process will be done for you by AP&S staff

3. Based on the Demo Center results you rely on the process that is proven and most efficient


Demo Center


By visiting the AP&S Demo Center you will get to know our wet process tools and their performance. Furthermore, you will see the company headquarters including the production hall; find out how we use to work and last but not least you will get to know the people behind AP&S.


Available wet process demonstrations

Single wafer processes:



✓ fully automated double chamber tool

✓ processing of substrates up to max. 300mm or 9x9"

✓ handling of 6"+ 8" substrates with vacuum gripper or edge gripper

✓ wafer mapping

✓ 7 chemical systems, two systems for max. 70° C applications

✓ Hot-DI application for max. 70° C

✓ drain separation for both process chambers

✓ various chuck types: vacuum chucks, low contact chucks, clamp chucks, frontside protection chucks, etc.

✓ programmable chuck height



✓ processes: metal lift-off, PR strip, solvent Processes

✓ MegPie system

✓ high-pressure spray clean for solvent and / or DI-H2O

✓ different puddle / spray nozzles

✓ backside protection with DI-H2O or N2



✓ processes: metal etch, various etch processes (dHF max 0.5%), mask cleaning, substrate cleaning

✓ Megasonic nozzle

✓ different puddle / spray nozzles

✓ backside protection with DI-H2O or N2 



✓ presoak station

✓ ultrasonic cleaning module

✓ endpoint detection system

Batch processes


✓ NID Standalone Dryer for the drying of standard substrates, Taiko, MEMS, thin wafers, etc.

✓ IPA concentration monitoring

✓ processing of substrates up to 300mm or 9x9", different substrate thicknesses

✓ batch size max. 25 substrates / carrier

✓ different process carriers possible (high / low profile, LMC, customized carriers)

"We at AP&S see it as our mission, to support customers efficiently during their decision making and buying process, to ensure they receive the perfect wet process solution, that meets their specific requirements. Therefore, we offer them a variety of tool demonstrations in our Demo Center.“

Stefan Zürcher, Team Leader Process Engineering & Laboratory


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