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in wet process technology

We make your machine operators and maintenance staff fit in the efficient handling of wet process tools

Knowledge transfer on wet process equipment

We support you in the continuous qualification of your staff in semiconductor manufacturing. The AP&S Academy offers you individual training formats and training modules on all aspects of wet process technology.

Do all the handles and tricks on the equipment in your semiconductor fab really fit? Do your staff really know everything there is to know about your wet process machines? Are newcomers and cross-career employees already confidently familiar with the wet processing equipment technology? Are you getting the most out of the wet process equipment?

These questions are crucial to success. Our answers are provided by the AP&S Academy!

If your personnel know the production equipment including all functions, settings and technical details, high productivity in your semiconductor production is secured. Our goal is to achieve exactly that.

Training on-site in customer's fab

Our professional AP&S Academy training experts train your team at the wet process tool on-site in your fab.

Training in the AP&S Training Center

In our inhouse training center at the AP&S headquraters in Donaueschingen (Germany) we make your staff fit in wet process technology.

Online Training

Presence is not a must. If on-site training is not possible, your team gets the wet process skills at our online training.


With our long-term coaching program, your team gets an expert! Who is at your side for a regular exchange and advises you on all questions concerning your wet process tools.

Training your team is an investment in the future

These are your benefits

The fact is: If the handling of the equipment is known and trained, this leads to a reduction in downtimes, to the assurance of product quality and to increased safety for people, equipment and wafers in the process.

Professional training is a sustainable instrument to prevent the shortage of skilled workers and to retain employees. By continuously building up knowledge in your team, you can cover your personnel requirements in the long term and secure your company's growth. 

Training programs of the AP&S Academy

Individual training modules

We provide you with machine-related expert knowledge and process know-how.



AP&S Academy offers


  • 26 years of experience in the semiconductor market
  • In-depth know-how in process automation, chemical wet processes and the requirements of semiconductor manufacturing
  • The AP&S Academy training instructors bring knowledge from the field into practice. They are the ones who are on the daily routine in the semiconductor factories and know our wet process equipment by heart 
  • Knowledge is imparted directly at the equipment by experienced training instructors in a practice-oriented and competent manner
  • With modular training modules, we start where the know-how of your staff needs to be expanded. Whether a beginner in machine operation or an expert in maintenance or process optimization - your team is in good hands with us. Initial training for commissioning, refresher courses or in-depth courses, the contents are adapted to individual customer needs 
  • We design and manufacture standardized as well as customized wet process equipment, both in the single wafer and batch area. As the range and depth of our portfolio grew, so did our expertise.

Training modules in detail

The training modules build on each other. Here is an overview of the core topics:

1. OPERATOR TRAINING – Get ready for wet process tool operation
- Safety briefing
- Operation of the system

2. BASIC MAINTENANCE TRAINING – Get ready for tool operation and maintenance
- General tool and process modules structure
- Function of handling systems
- Practical exercises

3.     ADVANCED MAINTENANCE TRAINING – Get ready for tool operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
- Further maintenance measures
- Teaching the robots
- Troubleshooting during a running simulated process

4. SYSTEM EXPERT TRAINING – Become an expert! 
- Get ready for tool operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, process training, optimization
- Process training and introducing the process flow
- Detailed tool and process modules structure
- Work with the system

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